A Special Message from Buckle Up Pennsylvania

Each year, traffic crashes needlessly claim the lives of hundreds of Pennsylvanian’s. Every death strikes a devastating blow to the community and changes the lives of people forever. While we can’t prevent such crashes entirely, we know that the simple act of buckling up is the best defense for anyone involved.

Please talk with your friends and family about the importance of seat belt use. Teen and young adult driver’s especially, need to hear this message as they are the most likely to be involved in a crash. On our part, we are working to reach the 18 percent of Pennsylvanian’s who still don’t buckle up. Our message to them is clear - Click It or Ticket: two tickets, two fines. Working together, we can reduce the number of vehicular fatalities in Pennsylvania. Please join us in this effort by making sure everyone in your vehicle buckles up every time.


Eastern Berks Regional Police Department
16 West Philadelphia Avenue
Boyertown, PA 19512 610-369-3050
** Box is located inside. Please call for hours.

Bally Police Department 
425 Chestnut Street 
Bally, PA 19504 (610)845-2400
**Box is located inside the lobby. Please call for hours.

Douglass Montgomery Township/Police Department 
1320 East Philadelphia Avenue 
Gilbertsville, PA 19525 (610)367-0466 
** Box is located in the Township Office. Please call for hours.