Chief’s Welcome Message:

    Welcome to the web site of the newly established Eastern Berks Regional Police Department, and thank you for your interest in the department and the community we serve. The department was created by ordinances and an intergovernmental agreement jointly adopted by the Colebrookdale Township Board of Commissioners, and Boyertown Brough Council on December 2, 2019, to replace the police departments of the two municipalities. This was a visionary and courageous commitment. The elected governing bodies of the two municipalities recognized the challenges of maintaining professional, modern police service that would continue to meet the needs of the community in a changing society well into the future, and they as well recognized the potential benefits of intermunicipal cooperation as a means of achieving that end. The Borough and the Township and their police departments are comparable in many ways, and make an ideal geographic and logistical fit for consolidation into a single policing entity. In order to facilitate the merger of the two departments into a single regional department, an administrative and operational framework first had to be put into place and many decisions had to be made, and administrative tasks completed. The intergovernmental agreement by which the department was created also established a Regional Police Commission as a governing body, with elected and appointed representation from both municipalities, to provide oversight of the new department. The Police Commission has been hard at work since it first met and organized on January 8th, 2020, and continues to work with the chiefs of both existing police departments, the municipal managers, and the police officers’ labor organizations, to overcome various hurdles and to set everything in place for a smooth transition. The date set for the start of operations of Eastern Berks Regional Police is June 1, 2020. The new department will be headquartered at the new police station at 16 W. Philadelphia Avenue in Boyertown. Existing telephone numbers for both the Boyertown and Colebrookdale Departments will connect to the new department. Police vehicles, uniforms, and building signs will get a new look along with the new name, and the dedicated officers from the former departments will work together as a single, cohesive unit as they continue to serve the community with the same dedication and commitment as in the past. We all look forward together, to continuing to serve Colebrookdale Township and the Boroughs of Boyertown and Bechtelsville. Feel free to check back here for updates. Residents of the community are also welcome to call me with questions, concerns, or suggestions relative to the new department.


Barry Leatherman, Chief