Boyertown Borough Street Paving Information

The Borough of Boyertown will be repaving the following streets and municipal parking lots between the approximate dates of Friday August 12, 2022 and Wednesday August 24th:

 - E. Fourth Street from Franklin Street to the Borough line
College Street

 - S. Franklin Street from Front Street to the Borough Line (a very short section)

 - The municipal lots at 25 S. Reading Avenue

The project will begin with E. Fourth Street. E. Fourth Street is expected to be completed and fully opened prior to the start of school on August 22nd. Areas under construction will be posted “No Parking” as needed to accommodate the work, and will be closed to traffic as necessary during work. Vehicles remaining parked on the street in violation of the posted temporary parking restrictions will be towed at the owner’s expense, at the direction of Eastern Berks Regional Police. We do not want to tow anyone’s vehicle, and are working with the Borough to keep affected residents and motorists informed the best we can. But some of the work cannot be accomplished while vehicles remain parked on the streets or parking lots, so 100% compliance with the parking restrictions is essential.

The dates are tentative, because the start and progress of work are dependent on weather and other variable factors. Questions concerning enforcement, disposition of towed vehicles, or other impacts of the project on traffic and parking may be directed to the police department. Other questions about the project or schedule of work should be directed to Borough Hall.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work through this brief inconvenience together !


The Eastern Berks Regional Police Department is excited to announce the arrival of bike uniforms for its 3 officers that are certified by the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA). Starting this week residents of Boyertown Borough, Colebrookdale Township, and Bechtelsville Borough will begin to see these officers conducting bike patrol through their neighborhoods. Please feel free to flag them down to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, or to merely say hello! This marks one more step towards providing quality service to our residents, and to continue building on to the positive community relations we strive to build.

We also want to thank the Berks County Community Foundation for their award to us of a $5,000 grant from their Boyertown Area Charitable Giving Program, for the purchase of four new patrol bikes! This grant will enable us to expand and continue our bicycle patrol program into the foreseeable future.

Chief’s Welcome Message:

Welcome to the web site of the newly established Eastern Berks Regional Police Department, and thank you for your interest in the department and the community we serve. The department was created by ordinances and an intergovernmental agreement jointly adopted by the Colebrookdale Township Board of Commissioners, and Boyertown Borough Council on December 2, 2019, to replace the police departments of the two municipalities. This was a visionary and courageous commitment. The elected governing bodies of the two municipalities recognized the challenges of maintaining professional, modern police service that would continue to meet the needs of the community in a changing society well into the future, and they as well recognized the potential benefits of inter-municipal cooperation as a means of achieving that end. The Borough and the Township share substantial common borders and make an ideal geographic and logistical fit for service by a single policing entity. The Department is overseen by a Regional Police Commission with elected and appointed representation from both municipalities. The Police Commission first met and organized on January 8th, 2020, and the Department went in service and took over policing the combined jurisdiction on June 1, 2020. The new department is headquartered at 16 W. Philadelphia Avenue in Boyertown, and maintained the telephone numbers from both the former Boyertown and Colebrookdale Departments. The police vehicles, uniforms, and building signs got a new look to go along with the new name as we created our new identity, while the dedicated officers from both the former departments continue working together as a single, cohesive unit, to continue serving and protecting Colebrookdale Township and the Boroughs of Boyertown and Bechtelsville. Feel free to check back here for updates. Residents of the community are also welcome to call me with questions, concerns, or suggestions relative to the Department and the service we provide. We appreciate your support and look forward to learning, growing, and serving with all of you.

Barry Leatherman, Chief