On May 1, 2020, the Eastern Berks Regional Police Department created a countywide Drug Task Force in response to the growing drug problem plaguing our municipalities.

The task force consists of 48 police officers from 34 municipal departments who will be assigned to work with the 10 county detectives already investigating drug cases. The Eastern Berks Regional Police Department is proud to have two of its officers taking part in this newly formed team. These officers are cross-designated as county detectives, which allow them to work in departments outside of Eastern Berks jurisdiction. Since its conception, the Drug Task Force has proven itself a powerful tool, and a more efficient way to conduct drug investigations. More importantly, the DTF is funded by drug forfeitures, which means no extra cost to the taxpayers.

A majority of drug related arrests could not take place without the support and watchful eye of the public. No tip is too small, and anyone with information pertaining to drug activity is asked to contact the Eastern Berks Regional Police Department at 610-369-3050. All information will be kept confidential. The Drug Task Force is only as strong as the community that backs it.